Don’t Gain Weight this Holiday

by | Nov 1, 2015 | Recreation & Fitness

I used to believe that the only way to avoid holiday weight gain was to say “no” to all the rich, sweet holiday meals and goodies.  In fact, last Halloween, I was involved in a weight loss contest with a heavy grand prize; a cruise for two;  And, I won! I lowered my body fat percent from 24 percent to 11 percent. And it was hard!  I had to say no on Halloween, Thanksgiving and many Christmas parties.  Even though I was leaning out, I was missing out.  My life was out of balance!  It was hard, too hard to keep up for normal every day life.  Fortunately for me and all of you, I have learned how to enjoy and still stay lean.  Listen up.
If you want to enjoy eating and avoid weight gain or even lose body fat you have to ask yourself one question.  What is it worth to you?  The cost for one day of a poor diet is 15 to 25 minutes of High Intensity Training (also known as HIT).   There is also Super High Intensity Training but, I won’t use that acronym.
Studies have shown that short workouts of high intensity have a superior fat burning result over conventional cardio.  For a workout to be considered high intensity, your breathing must be at or close to 80 percent of your capacity.  What that means if you were riding a bike, you would ride at 80 percent of your potential speed or output for a short burst.
One example of such a work out is Tabata training.  Which is 20 seconds of an activity as hard as you can followed by a mild 10 second recovery.  On a bicycle, that would be a 20 second sprint followed by 10 seconds of moderate peddling and repeated eight times for a total of four minutes of heart pounding, lung exhausting work.
The timing of when you exercise has a big impact on your blood sugar. But, that’s a whole other essay.  For now, if you want to enjoy the holidays while looking and feeling great then call me, I’m here and happy to help.
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