Essential Oils in the Dental Office

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Kids Activities

 In addition to typical dental treatment options such as filling material and antibiotics, I offer my patients the knowledge and options to use essential oils. I see these alternative options as an adjunct to my slew of Western medicine treatment methods from treating teething discomfort to anxiety surrounding a dental visit.
Empowering my patients and their parents to be able to take care of dental health in between regular visits to my office is so powerful. At All Kids Dentistry, we diffuse citrus essential oils, for instance, in our reception area and treatment rooms to calm parents and kids and to “diffuse” that dental office smell! For simple oral sores, a drop of lavender or tea tree oil can be applied topically or a drop of clove oil can be applied to irritated teething areas. Clove and oregano can be mixed with water and used as a mouthwash for minor gum irritation; toothpaste made with natural antibacterial oils can keep gum disease at bay and peppermint oil is a natural bad breath fighter. Citrus oils or lavender used on the neck and feet before dental treatment is helpful in soothing nerves. In no way do I see these oils as a complete replacement for the medicine that rightly belongs in the dental office, but I do see these essential oils as being a partner in maintaining optimal oral health most importantly empowering families to be active team players in their own healthcare.
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