Santa Clarita Public Works Dept. Hard at Work in 2016

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Community

 What does the Public Works department encompass?  If there’s a fix needed in Santa Clarita’s infrastructure, it will most likely be handled by the City’s Public Works department.  The department includes Building and Safety, Capital Improvements/Parks and Trails Planning, Engineering Services, Traffic and Transportation Planning, and General Services.
The following examples highlight Public Works projects completed in 2016.
Improved Traffic Flow by the SR 14 by Upgrading Golden Valley Road Bridge
The Golden Valley Road Bridge by the State Route 14, now known as the Connie Worden-Roberts Memorial Bridge (named in honor of a local advocate and Santa Clarita community leader), received tremendous updates to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety.  New updates included the addition of a travel lane in each direction; a dedicated left turn lane to access the southbound 14 Freeway; and two left turn lanes to access the northbound 14 Freeway. A new protected path on the south side of the bridge allows pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross both sides of the bridge.
Made Streets Smooth with Road Rehab
The City’s Road Rehab program focuses on pavement preservation, making sure that our streets are smooth and well-maintained. This year’s project repaired more than 105 city streets and more than 38 lane miles of roadway. Repairs included resurfacing Soledad Canyon Road from Sierra Highway to the bridge west of Camp Plenty Road and renovated pedestrian ramps to be compliant with the current ADA requirements.
Enhanced Safety at the Newhall Avenue & Railroad Avenue Intersection
The intersection at Newhall Avenue and Railroad Avenue is now easier to cross, for both drivers and pedestrians. New traffic signals were installed to improve the visibility of the traffic light. New medians were also placed along the streets to direct traffic into appropriate lanes and reduce the distance for pedestrians crossing the street at Railroad Avenue.
Made San Francisquito Creek Trail Accessible for Everyone to Enjoy
We want our trails to be enjoyed by all of our residents, on foot and on wheels. That’s why the trail access ramp on the west side of the San Francisquito Creek, connecting to the south side of Newhall Ranch Road, was replaced with an ADA-compliant access ramp. The slope incline was reduced to make it easier to cross. Eventually, this trail will extend under the Newhall Ranch Road Bridge to provide a continuous connection to the north side, as part of an upcoming bridge widening project.
Repaired and Upgraded Canyon Country Park Equipment
The re-designed Child Play Area in Canyon Country now looks more “natural” in its surroundings with a tree-house style play tower and rock and log play features. These new structures replaced old equipment that was installed when the park first opened 20 plus years ago. The old equipment was donated to Kids Around the World, a charity that will re-use the equipment in less fortunate countries.




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