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by | Jan 25, 2017 | Community

 A little stress in life can be a good thing; it’s what helps to get us going. But too much stress in life, whether it’s caused by health-related problems, too many responsibilities, family issues or work problems, can adversely affect your overall health.
Henry Mayo Fitness and Health, located at 24525 Town Center Drive, Valencia, can help you relieve stress and achieve optimum health and well-being for your body and mind through mindfulness classes, yoga instruction, and massage therapy.
Mindfulness offers powerful wellness benefits including stress relief, mood regulation, management of chronic disease, improved relationships, memory, and concentration.
In her classes, Katie Cianci, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, explores mindfulness practice through techniques with emphasis on breathing, meditation, and awareness.
“Mindfulness allows for nonjudgmental recognition of our thoughts, sensations, and feelings as they occur in the present moment,” Cianci said. “We practice cultivating awareness, bringing into balance the mind, body, and spirit, creating a harmonious relationship within ourselves and our environment.”
Yoga classes offered Monday through Saturday at Henry Mayo Fitness and Health help improve flexibility, posture and muscle strength, spinal health, balance, focus, relieve tension, boost the immune system, and build awareness for transformation.
Laure Sears, a IAYT yoga therapist, utilizes the modalities of body awareness, individually adapted yoga postures, breathing techniques, affirmation, visualization, meditation and relaxation techniques to empower participants towards finding balance and well-being. Whether dealing with chronic pain, back, hip, knee or neck pain due to arthritis or structural imbalance, depression, or a recent injury, yoga works in a way that has positive effects on the body.
“It’s not just about the physical; but the psycho-emotional connection to yourself and how best to support your own wellness,” Sears said.
Massage also can be a great stress reliever.
Candin Garner, a neuromuscular massage therapist, uses soft tissue and deep tissue techniques, Swedish style massage, and myofascial release during 30-, 60- and 90-minute customized sessions which are offered at Henry Mayo Fitness and Health.
Massage therapy induces relaxation by creating a calm and trusting meditative environment for the client. Garner uses oils and aromatherapy during her sessions. She also incorporates breathing techniques to enhance the positive effects of the massage.
“We create a calming aura through meditative music, low lighting and heat application during the massage to induce a meditative state,” Garner said. “Breathing stimulates oxygen movement throughout the body and that stimulates cellular repair. Clients go home feeling relaxed and energized.”
To register for a class or to make an appointment for a massage, call 661-200-2300 or visit www.henrymayofitness.org.




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