Childbirth, Kindness and a 12-Person Van 16 years and nine children in, the Connell family still goes out of their way for Henry Mayo Newhall Hosptial

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Community

The birth of a child, as beautiful and exciting as it may be, is often frantic and stressful even for those involved, whether they be the mother, family or staff. Because of this, any sign of respect or kindness is appreciated all the more.  This is especially true when these acts involve going a great deal out of the way.
Driving to from Bakersfield in their 12-person van, Brandi Connell, her husband Scott, and their nine children arrived at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital in Santa Clarita, where on January 29, Brandi gave birth to her 10th child, Nathan.  The Connells have had all 10 of their children at our community hospital, much to the pleasure of the staff, despite having moved to Bakersfield.
“We all know she’s coming in because she’s so sweet.  We just care for her,” said Lisa Lavinzani, a nurse at Henry Mayo who has known the Connells since the birth of their first child 16 years ago.  When interviewed, Nurse Lavinzani commented on not only the character of Mr. and Mrs. Connell, but their friendly and polite kids, as well.  “Instead of saying Lisa or Nurse Lisa, they’ll say Mrs. Lisa,” she said of the children, most of whom are homeschooled.
And this appreciation goes both ways, as shown by the Connells’ willingness to travel north from Bakersfield to Santa Clarita, despite other, closer hospitals being readily available.  The reason why they travel so far?  The staff.
“That’s why she came back here,” Nurse Lavinzani said.  “She just loves the nurses here.  And that comes from the director.”
But this time, the staff at Henry Mayo took their kindness to the Connells a step further, accompanying their friendliness with gifts, such as food and a new car seat.
It’s currently unknown whether the Connells will have an 11th child, but if they do, it seems a safe bet that they’ll pack themselves in their van once again, on their way to Henry Mayo. 




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