Winter Through Artists’ Eyes: Four Local Residents Capture the Beauty of the Passing Season

by | Feb 21, 2017 | Arts & Entertainment

Although it’s rare for us to get snow in the Santa Clarita Valley, it doesn’t stop our residents from capturing the winter beauty that only Santa Clarita has to offer.  Sandy Hack of Valencia, for example, took this beautiful photo of a recent hail storm, set against the Southern California landscape of palm trees and hilly valleys.  Michele Zundell loves the glorious colors that brighten up our SCV sunsets, so she set out to capture this one on December 20, 2016.  We’re glad she did!  On the other side of the clock, Kasandra Hawk snapped a photo at dawn, and it inspired the rest of her day with its beauty!  Stepping outside the Santa Clarita Valley, local photographer and artist Olga Kaczmar captured this beautiful locale in 2011, calling it “R-Ranch Lake Reflection 8.”   




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