Finance Book for Teens and Parents

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Community

 It wasn’t until Patti Handy went through a devastating divorce that she truly appreciated the financial wisdom her parents taught her at a young age.  Determined to equip our next generation with money smarts, she has written several books and speaks to young adults in various venues.  Her latest book, “Money Rules 101 – Master Your Money Before It Masters You,” is specifically intended to educate and inspire teens and their parents, delivering the tools necessary to become money savvy.
Money Rules 101 will entertain, inspire, empower and teach teenagers about life and money.  The content starts with some of the basics: the significance of a person’s mindset, credit and debit cards, balancing a checkbook, as well as the importance and understanding of spending and saving habits.
As readers move through this book, other important details will be discussed such as credit scores, investments and mortgages, as well as the right steps to take when purchasing a home.  The author also discusses the steps that must be taken to start a small business, which encourage and empower those readers who have that entrepreneurial spirit.  She includes some fun and simple ways of generating money relatively quickly.
As teenagers oftentimes struggle with the obligations associated with work, school and family, Handy provides practical steps to be taken when it comes to facing such challenges, with tools and tips to help teens deal with stress.  As a mother herself, she can’t help but add some of what she calls “mom lessons” – other life skills that equip teens for success.  In the end, she stresses the importance of giving back and how this is truly the greatest gift of all.  “Money Rules 101 – Master Your Money Before It Masters You” is an invaluable resource for every parent with a desire to instill practical money habits in their teen or college-bound kids.
Patti Handy is a highly respected mortgage expert in the California real estate market.  Her expertise in mortgage finance comes from more than 30 years working in the banking industry.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting, a Real Estate Broker license, is a past holder of the Series 6, 7 and 63 securities licenses, and is a Certified Life Coach. Today, Handy, a single mom to a 20-year-old, is passionate about empowering our next generation to lead a prosperous and giving life.  Visit or for more information.
To arrange an interview with the author, or request a review copy, contact Cheryl Cunningham at or 661-618-1789.



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