On Saturday February 11, Single Mothers Outreach Celebrated Their 7th Empowering HeArts Gala

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Community

It was a privilege and an honor to celebrate six beautiful women: Kamilla Diaz, Nicole Feast-Williams, Monica Blanco, Kim Flores, Janelle Percy and Martha Aguilera.  Each honoree felt the love from our Santa Clarita community. Their lives and stories are truly an inspiration to all.
It was with great joy to celebrate our talented artists: Kirby Lanier, Chloe Joy deJong, Aazam Irilian, Cecily Willis, Yoonhee Aprahamian, Dawn Grider. Each artist contributed their amazing gifts and talents of art, which were enjoyed by all.
Also, to share the stage with Dante Acosta, Martin Rodriguez and John Vance was a wonderful experience. We value our relationships with them and all who supported and participated in making Empowering HeArts a success.
Over 200 people gathered together to support and celebrate Single Mothers Outreach. We are an organization that provides resources and hope for single moms with a mission to empower women to become self-sustaining and positive role models for their children, in order for their families to thrive.
It is with heartfelt gratitude to ALL who helped us create a beautiful evening: Santa Clarita Media, Council Members, Assembly Members, Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors, Previous ED, Local Business Owners, Non-Profits Partners, Past Honorees and Artists, Amazing Volunteers, EH Committee, Sponsors, Donors, my beautiful Staff, Single Moms and my loving husband.
With deep appreciation, we thank our Title Sponsor John Vance, President of Vance Wealth Group. His care, commitment and support, as a board member for over three years, are the foundation of our Empowering HeArts success.
Thank you, Santa Clarita Community for your love, warmth and welcome. As the new Single Mothers Outreach Executive Director, I look forward to many more opportunities to share life together and to give back because this is what living in community is all about!  




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