Spotlighting Our Youth Double amputee inspires teammates and competitors

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Community

At Saugus High School, students are celebrated for their many accomplishments.  Some are incredible singers or dancers.  Others are amazing athletes or musicians.  Still others are high achievers in the classroom, and many have a heart to make an impact on the community through service endeavors.  We have great kids, and they all have a unique story.
There’s a freshman who has turned the heads of everyone on the Centurion campus this year.  His name is Cameron Lutges.  Cameron is a good student, a wonderful young man who is admired by all.  He’s on the Saugus Swim team along with about 90 other fine student athletes.  Cameron will never set any records in the pool, but he is definitely an athlete who attracts everyone’s attention when he swims.  When Cameron is in the water, the pool is generally surrounded by every competitor, coach and parent – from all teams.  They cheer for him and encourage his every stroke.  He is a spiritual leader and an inspiration to all.
You see, Cameron Lutges is a double amputee.  He swims each race with no help from his legs to kick.  He uses his upper body exclusively to propel his frame through the water.  He works extremely hard and never gives less than his best effort despite his circumstances.  He is a true inspiration to all who witness his perseverance, his grit and his endless pursuit of being the best that he can be.  Cameron has a distinct determination that is infectious among his teammates.
Cameron has a goal of someday making the Paralympic Games.  He has participated in numerous sports as he has grown up – baseball, track and tae kwon do.  He was a national finalist in the javelin in Oklahoma a few years ago.
We can all learn a lot about life if we take the time to watch Cameron’s demeanor and the way he approaches each day.  The heart of a champion is often revealed through how you play the best game you can with the cards you’re dealt.  Cameron Lutges is definitely a constant reminder that the only disability in life is having a bad attitude.  Dare to dream, Cameron, and don’t ever give up!
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