Woman Reunited with Deputy Who Helped Save Her Life “It was a big team effort; nobody saved her alone.”

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Community

 A Santa Clarita woman was found unconscious by a passerby in her van at the intersection of Summit Place and Rockwell Canyon Road on February 9. The passerby immediately called 9-1-1.
Deputy Duxbury and his partner Deputy Randall were just up the street when they heard SCV Sheriff’s dispatchers voice the emergency call. They turned their patrol car’s lights and sirens on, immediately heading to the location.
Upon arrival, they found a minivan stopped at a curb, with a female driver in her 30’s, slumped over into the passenger seat.
With the doors locked and no time to waste, Deputy Randall broke a car window to gain entry.
Deputy Duxbury checked her vital signs.
She was not breathing and had no pulse.
The two deputies sprung into action, administering CPR. She began breathing just as Los Angeles County Fire Department arrived on scene to assist.
The woman stopped breathing again.
Deputy Duxbury assisted a Fire Department paramedic in rescue efforts.
She was revived a second time.
American Medical Response (AMR) transported the woman to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, where a team of doctors and nurses continued her care. After one week in the hospital, she was released.
On Tuesday, nearly four weeks after the emergency call, Deputy Duxbury stopped by the woman’s house, who was later identified as “Niki,” a Santa Clarita resident, wife, and mother.
Niki and her husband expressed appreciation for all that were involved in saving her life, from the passerby who first called 9-1-1, the first deputies on scene administering CPR, the Fire Department, AMR transport, and the attentive care at Henry Mayo. If one of those pieces were missing, the outcome for this Valencia mother could have been different. Her husband said that Henry Mayo doctors referred to his wife’s recovery as a “miracle.”
Duxbury is very grateful to the man who first noticed Niki unconscious in her car and called 9-1-1.
“This is why it’s so important if you see something that looks wrong, you check on the person and not just drive by,” said Deputy Duxbury. “This was a big team effort, nobody saved her alone.”




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