Dads Are Pretty Great! Sierra Young shares why her dad, Steve Young, is number one

by | May 26, 2017 | Community

Each month we run a photo contest, and each contest has a specific theme.  In June we celebrate Dads—you know those guys who fix stuff, find stuff, make us laugh and hold our hearts.  I may be a mommy, but I am also a daughter and I know one thing, I could not live my life without my dad Lynn.  He is a stand-up guy who always puts his family first.  When I read the email from the Young family I knew we had one special man to highlight!

“My daddy is awesome because he always does my hair and makeup for my competition cheer.  My mom said that I could only do Spartan cheer if my dad would do all that stuff, since she’s not really good at it.  He can also do stunts with me because he was a base for the cheerleaders when he was in high school.  I can always hear my dad cheering for me during competitions because he is so loud!  My dad is really funny, and he always makes me laugh every day.  He is amazing!”
Thank you,
Sierra Young
(10 years old, 5th grade)

The Magazine of Santa Clarita Thinks You Are Awesome Steve Young! 




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