A Note from the Publishers – July 2017

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Community

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

The lyrics, America the Beautiful, written in 1913 by Katharine Lee Bates, ring true year after year, and this month, Americans will continue to celebrate our nation’s independence on the Fourth of July. Be it a barbecue, parade, gathering for fireworks and more, Independence Day is a day we commemorate America’s birthday. It’s also a very special day for Newhall.
One of the community’s longest traditions, the Santa Clarita Valley Fourth of July Parade is one that many residents look forward to. The parade began in 1932, and year after year, hundreds of volunteers work hard to continue this tradition. Crowds line the streets early on, waiving their red white and blue flags, as floats, cars, marching bands and more parade down the streets of Newhall. It is patriotism at its best, and it is events like these that make us proud to call Santa Clarita our home. For details about the parade, see our cover story on the opposite page.
As you can see on our cover, we feature Mayor Cameron Smyth representing the City of Santa Clarita, Linda Storli who has been associated with the Fourth of July Parade for 15 years, alongside them we have featured some of the retailers and restaurant owners who proudly call Old Town Newhall their home. From pubs to fitness studios, boutiques and more, Old Town Newhall is a fun place to be. There’s much to do and much to see on Main Street, and we are pleased to continue the Old Town Newhall section in this issue beginning on page 37. We want to encourage our readers to support our local businesses, as there are many benefits to shopping local.
Hot summer days are cooled off as the sun sets, making evenings a pleasurable time to be outdoors. Enjoy the weather and take a stroll down Town Center Drive to the Hyatt Valencia on Friday nights and enjoy the spectacular sounds from top Jazz & Blues recording artists at the Valencia Jazz and Blues Concert Series.
Congratulations to Help The Children organization who celebrate 15 years of giving a hand-up to families in the Santa Clarita Valley. Join them at their BBQ Fundraiser on July 22. See page 28 for more information.
Congratulations to our June graduates, turn to page 14, we may have featured you!
While July is the perfect time for summer barbecues or taking a dip in the pool, don’t forget to pamper yourself with one of the businesses listed in our Summertime Beauty Guide beginning on page 94. Because much time is spent outdoors, we have also provided you with a guide to help you find the right professional to help you create your very own outdoor oasis. Turn to page 126 for our Outdoor Oasis Guide.
We hope you are enjoying your summer and a happy and safe Fourth of July.

Until Next Time,
Linda, Moe and Alex




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