Persian Food: Healthy or Heavy?

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Old Town Newhall

 A lot of people think Persian food is a very heavy meal, containing mostly rice and meats. Well that is not true!
Talking to the Persia Lounge & Restaurant owner, Homayoun Daryani we noticed that the Persian food could be one of the healthiest food around.
“If you are worried about the rice for your diet, you have to know that the rice in Persia Restaurant is cooked in two process, so it loses the starch behind at the first boiling period and it gets fluffy in the second process which is steaming. Using the best Basmati rice and adding the flavor of Saffron to it, with the above cooking method, makes it irresistible.”
“For the kabob marinating we use lime, lemon, onion and olive oil – all high in anti-oxidants and no tenderizer added to it. The color and the flavor are from the expensive spice, Saffron!”
Having a variety choice of Kabobs such as lamb, beef, chicken and salmon makes all the customers happy. Rice is also offered in different flavors. Sour cherry rice, barberry rice, meat and cut green beans rice, and lima beans and dill rice. All the appetizers are very healthy, containing herbs, fresh vegetables, beans and spices.
Sumac, which is a very high anti-oxidant spice, is served on the table. With a tangy flavor it can be used instead of salt or lemon, helping the digestion of the meat and lowering the cholesterol! Offering different choices of drinks makes it very suitable for the younger guest. We have root beer, ginger ale, apple, orange, mango, cherry, pineapple juices just to name a few.
The very famous pomegranate wine (high anti oxidant, dry and semi sweet) is served along with a collection of Italian, French, Australian, Lebanese and Californian wines.
Persia Lounge & Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. We have belly dancing on Friday night and all you can eat lunch at $11.99. When you walk out of this restaurant you have something to talk about and you can be confident that you have got all the daily nutrition, proteins, vitamins and enough anti-oxidant. Come and enjoy a meal with your family in an unforgettable atmosphere, music and hospitality. Mention this article and receive an appetizer free with your meal
Persia Lounge & Restaurant located at 24328 Main Street in Newhall. Visit for more information. For more information give them a call at 661-259-4100.


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