A Hole-in-One Against all Odds

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Community

 Brett Currado has always been a golfer; you might even say it is in his blood. Ever since he was two years old a golf club has been an extension of his hand and an outlet for passion as he grew up with autism and asperger syndrome.
Brett’s great-grandfather, was the one to introduce him to the sport, even making him his first wooden putter.
“His passion has always been golf,” says Brett’s father Johnny, “growing up he would hit golf balls up onto the roof, aiming for the fireplace and would sit there watching them drop off the roof.”
“And Brett fell in love with it…actually the day it started was when Tiger Woods was on the television and Brett was around one year-old, his mom tried to change the channel and he started crying and pointing at the screen,” chuckles Johnny, “We used to go [golfing] when my grandpa was around, every year for Brett’s birthday we would go out and play 18 holes, it was a tradition,”
Since the installment of Brett’s love for the sport when he was young he has hardly gone a week without playing golf. Now that he has graduated from Valencia High School this past May, Class of 2017, he plans to continue exploring his passion for the sport in college this upcoming year – even through the challenges presented by the intensity of the golf program.
“I want to play golf at College of the Canyons, but it is going to be really hard just to get on the team, its probably one of the top programs for golf…its going to be hard but you just got to do it,” says Brett.
If golf does not work out, Brett is hoping to major in broadcast journalism or communications at COC. He is also looking into Golf Course Management for a career. He plans on giving the same dedication and hard work to college as he did in high school.
“He had a really rough junior year, he dealt with anger issues, but he was able to turn it around.  We had always imagined Brett excelling on the golf team all 4 years, but in life there are many obstacles along the way.  But golf was his outlet, that was his passion and we all got through it,” says Johnny.
Both Brett and his parents equate much of Brett’s success to the phenomenal coaches and support they received at Valencia High School.
“We got some of the best coaches out there, Coach Robert Waters, Coach Brian Vincent, and Coach Craig Panama…and they all took a special liking to Brett,” says Johnny proudly.
Not to mention Wendy Jones, the high school counselor who worked with Brett his junior and senior year who they described as “ an angel sent from heaven.” The many other wonderful teachers at VHS and Jones were all instrumental in getting through the challenges and supporting Brett as he made his way to graduation.
“As Brett’s Designated Instructional Service Counselor (DISC) it has been my pleasure to watch Brett grow over the years in so many ways, but most importantly in the area of independence and self-advocacy… as he faced all kinds of challenging situations,” says Jones.
Through all of the high school struggles golf was always Brett’s outlet, a place where he could pour out his passion and improve his skill.
“He was bullied at school, but golf was always his focus,” says Johnny, “he is a totally different person when he is on the course, just so happy and in his element.”
Brett has grown so much from both the personal goals he put on himself to be on varsity and the motivation from coaches and teammates. Brett received an award for his dedication and was able to, with his team, finish third in league in 2017 and attend CIF as a varsity player.
Brett played on the varsity golf team all four years of his high school career off and on, and says that through that he was able to build invaluable friendships.
“I loved the vibe around my teammates and I made friends where we pretty much did everything together, outside of school, and golf as well,” says Brett.
Overall Brett is an inspiration as he has overcome challenges, stuck to what he loves, and worked hard to accomplish a goal. Golf will most likely always be in his life–but the perseverance he has learned is now a part of who he is.
“Golf is frustrating,” Brett says with a huff and a smile, “but it’s a love-hate relationship, and golf is my outlet.”
“The biggest triumph was graduating, after everything he has been through, I am just so proud,” Johnny whispered looking through misty eyes at his boy with pride.




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