Santa Clarita Elks Lodge 2379 – Roasts Jay Larkins

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Community

 In celebration of the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge 2379’s 50th Anniversary of service to our community, the Elks are honoring the contributions of a highly respected and loved member, Jay Larkins. They are going to do this by…Roasting Jay!
The roasters have been investigating avenues to sully Jay’s good name, reputation, accomplishments, background and anything else they can muster up. Will they discuss Jay’s years as the director of Entertainment Tonight? What about his good manners, his great wit, wonderful sense of humor, his successful career as a producer and director, his dedication to his family, friends and to all his philanthropic endeavors?
It has been rumored that the roasters are having a difficult time pinning down any negative information to malign Jay, so they are fabricating stories! The Elks hierarchy, a surprise (Sweet Lord) community leader, and even Jay’s lovely wife, Ginger, will be roasting this Southern Gentleman. In fact, Jay has been seen walking around shouting, “What was I thinking to agree to let these so-called friends, and even Ginger, make unkind, untrue, yet comical comments about me.”
But wait…while Jay is laughing through this ordeal, he will also be taking mental notes of the abuse he is enduring. He will then be given the opportunity to dish out the dirt on the roasters.
Dress comfortably so you can sit, stand, applaud, and laugh. The community is invited to attend this fundraising event.
Join us on Saturday, September 9, at 6 p.m. for a social hour followed by dinner at 7 p.m. The Roast of Jay Larkins will begin at 8 p.m. The Santa Clarita Elks Lodge 2379 is located at 17766 Sierra Highway in Santa Clarita. The event cost is $20 per person and includes a “Build Your Own Burger” dinner along with admission to the Roast.
Adults only, please. Western casual attire. Contact the Elks Office, at 661-251-1500 for tickets and information.




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