Does Your Family Love American Ninja Warrior?

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Fun for Kids

 Kids and adults love the show, American Ninja Warrior. They know the names of the competitors and the obstacles. It’s all about people overcoming challenges by manipulating their bodies over and through a series of grueling obstacles. The athletes seem to do impossible things with their bodies. Only, it’s not impossible because they did it. It reminds me of a saying, “How do eat an elephant? One bite at a time”.
At Ignition Fitness, we take “the one bite at a time” approach when assessing our clients and how to progress them forward in their goals, confidence and abilities. And before they know it, their achieving what they once thought unachievable.
So, when it comes to exercise, do you train for good health and safety or to look good?
We believe in both. I’ve combined exercises that achieve the weight loss goals and aesthetic (appearance) goals along with activities that are highly engaged to improve stamina, strength, balance, coordination, agility and recovery.
Whether you seek a starting point for your fitness journey or a boost to the next level of your journey, we are here for you!
Feel free to text or call me (Jim) at 661-714-8149, check out our website or email to




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