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by | Oct 26, 2017 | Gifts from the Heart

 Born and bred in Chicago, I am a Bears fan. Your family members, friends and pretty near everyone you know is a Bears fan.
Now, as a resident of Santa Clarita, I have discovered a football fan “melting pot.” So many people are from somewhere else and fan choices are endless. I could be living next to or near a Packer backer! (oh my!)
During the era of the 1990’s Bears, my husband was going to miss a Bears/Packers game. He asked me to watch and give him highlights. Here is the result, with the help of some sports announcers’ lingo.
Let’s have a laugh.
Da game started at 6:30 but when I remembered to turn it on at 7:15, they were still in the first half. No score.
They threw the ball and caught the ball and didn’t catch the ball and then almost at the end of the first half, somebody got a touchdown. I think it was a Bear.
Then the Packers got mixed up and I think miscommunicated. Da Bears are leading 7-0.
Uh, Neil (or Neal) Anderson is a tough cookie and the Bears keep their drive going. Neil (or Neal) er er earned his respect in this league because he’s a doggone good player. I just realized those weren’t halves. They were quarters. Well, you know me and math.
Then, a lot of guys fell on top of one another and the guy on the bottom had the ball. He was a Bear. I guess a Packer was supposed to have it. So, that was good for us. (The sports announcer just said that at the end of the game there will be a lot of fingerprints on Neil/Neal Anderson’s uniform!) I think the third half-quarter is now over.
Fourth quarter. Wow, this really is exciting. (?) Oh, it’s 10-0 because Butler kicked a field goal before when there was 14 minutes left, you know, to the end of the game?
Tomczak (an ex-Bear) just made his first play as a Packer but I missed it. Sorry. He’s a quarterback (can he be a half-back if he plays during one of the halves?). Tomczak didn’t know what to do so he called a time out which I guess wasn’t too smart with 12 minutes left to play and down ten. But people respect him too because he er er earned it.
Fumble. Loose ball. Whistle, boos. Lots of guys on top of one another again. Everybody was mad at the umpire (snicker) and Da Bears had the ball.
Harbaugh keeps scrambling and we’re at the 10 minute mark. Anderson runs to the 28 yard line. Muster (don’t know where he came from) gets to the 23 with 8 minutes left. I’m off my seat in anticipation. Time out. 8:04 left in the game. They must have lied before when they said 8 minutes left. 3rd down and 8.
Harbaugh almost throws an interception. It’s like a reception but nobody comes. So Butler has to kick a field goal 46 yards and misses.
The Packers are gasping!?
Tomczak throws a pass and it is intercepted by a Bear but maybe he forgot he was a Packer and threw it to the Bear.
The clock is now the story of the game.
Nothing happens. Then nothing happens again. If nothing happens at the speed of light does anything happen?
But the clock is the story of the game.
Harbaugh is sacked.
3:06 left.
2:58 left.
Harbaugh is sacked.
First down pass by Tomczak at the two-minute warning.
Tomczak throws the ball away and stops the clock so I wonder if the clock is still the story of the game?
Incomplete pass. 1 minute 10. Went to get a piece of pie and the game was over.
Da Bears won and Neil (Neal), my husband, was happy!


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