The Sweetness of Yoga

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Recreation & Fitness

What a summer of heat!  Welcome fall!  Like you, we are eagerly diving into the normal routine of the year with anticipation.  Here at Hot Yoga Haven, we have added Aerial Yoga to our list of classes and are in the midst of another in-depth teacher training.  We are happy to have added a variety of new classes to meet the needs of our community.  These include those with heat (to keep that summer glow) and without.  As you busily structure your days to include school and holidays, please remember to schedule yourself in to get the most out of your days.
Preparing for the added holiday parties, football practices, and work meetings can take its toll without the proper preparation of body and soul.  Let us go into this season with the goal of keeping balanced.  Not only putting our kids to bed on time but ourselves as well.  Not only watching our family’s nutrition but keeping track of our own.  I know as a busy mom, there are days I’m worse than Cranky Crane (for those Thomas Yogis).  Then, I realize, I have been surviving on toast crusts from my kids’ left over plates six hours ago.  Usually these days don’t bring the motivation to be as physically active and so there goes my yoga practice and my attitude.  What a difference a day makes following good nutritional intake and structured physical fitness.  The connection felt during yoga class not only with my own personal goals being met and explored each time but being alongside others with the same mindset is invaluable.  Afterwards, of course, there is the fluidity of motion that wasn’t there at the start but there is always a feeling of peace and surrender to the day which adds to my patience and thankfulness.  I find myself thankful for my own endurance to follow through and, at the same time, a gratefulness for those around me and an admiration for their practice as well.  Somehow, after that, the world and all the people in it (not just my own), the activities ahead and life in general look as sweet as that huge bag of candy my kids’ pull in!
We have two locations to serve you in Newhall and Channel Island. Call now to sign up at 661-255-1500, visit us in person at 25044 Peachland Avenue, Suite 106 in Newhall or 4310 Tradewinds Dr., Oxnard. You can also find us online at at, or reach us through Facebook.




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