Car Accidents and the Importance of Early and Full Treatment

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Business News

 The other day, I was having settlement discussions with an insurance adjuster about one of my clients.  The case is about a car accident and liability is not being contested. The adjuster’s initial offer was $2,200 below the client’s medical bills.  “Why is that?” I asked.
I already knew the answer, but wanted the adjuster to explain it so I can counter.  Her response: “Because your client didn’t seek medical treatment until three weeks after the car accident.”  This delay in seeking medical treatment is now being used against her.
So, want my advice:  See a medical professional following an accident as soon as you can.  Yes, I cannot stress this enough: if you are injured in an auto accident, you need to get checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible.  It’s better for you and for your legal case.
“But, I can’t afford a doctor!” or “I didn’t have time!”  Often times, when a client delays seeking treatment, it’s because he or she could not afford treatment or did not have the time.  Unfortunately, these excuses rarely work!
Lien Basis:  If you cannot afford the treatment, seek advice from a personal injury attorney.  Most personal injury attorneys can refer you to a health care provider who will treat you on a lien basis, meaning that the provider will delay getting paid until your case is resolved.  So, there are no worries about not being able to afford the treatment.
Did not have the time: This argument is also difficult because the insurance company will argue, “If you are truly hurt, you will find a way to get some help for your injuries.”
Documentation is important: It is imperative you attend all your scheduled treatments or appointments. If an insurance company sees missed appointments, it will suggest your injuries were not severe or legitimate. So, documentation is important for a successful claim.”
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