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by | Nov 28, 2017 | Business News

 Have you recently experienced a work-related injury? Has getting the treatment you need to return to work become impossible to get authorized through the worker’s compensation insurance carrier? Recent legislation effective since 2013 has made it more difficult for injured workers to get medical care for their industrial injuries. The insurance carrier can submit any request for treatment made by your treating physician to a utilization review doctor to review the requested treatment. If the utilization review doctor does not certify the treatment, the request will have to go through an appeal process known as independent medical review. If the treating doctor does not make a proper request for authorization, the independent medical reviewer will most likely uphold the insurance carrier’s denial of treatment. Once the appeal is final, in most cases, this decision remains in effect for twelve months, and that modality of treatment will not be allowed. Knowing how to navigate the UR and IMR process is critical for an injured worker to receive effective treatment. This system is complicated. You have the right to seek legal representation. There is no fee for your consultation and it is confidential. Contact Rose, Klein and Marias to better understand your rights.
We also represent workers in mesothelioma cases, and have for over 30 years. No television ads, just good lawyering. Never assume it is too late or that nothing can be done. The consultation is free and the compensation is deserved.
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