Keep Calm and Search On… Use these tips to find a lost gemstone or diamond

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Gifts from the Heart

 It has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. You look down, and your beautiful diamond is not where it’s supposed to be on your finger. Your heart skips a beat, your mind kicks into overdrive, and for a split second you wonder if you’re in some kind of bad dream. We know how terrible it can be to lose a diamond, and that’s why we’re sharing our best tips and tricks to help you find it again.
• Fluorescence is your friend. Many diamonds will give off a colored luminescence when placed under ultraviolet light. This is normally invisible, but you can use a black light in a dark room to make the effect stand out.
• Use your hands and feet. Diamonds may be small, but they are hard and sharp. If you have a general idea of where your diamond might be, you can feel around with your bare hands and feet for something sharp (please be careful while you do this). This trick is especially effective in areas with thick carpet where the diamond can be nestled in the fibers making it hard to see.
• It’s not going to bounce where you think. If you know exactly where you were when the diamond was knocked out of its setting, you might think finding it will be easy. But, because of their unusual shapes diamonds have a way of ending up where you least expect them. Don’t limit your search to where you think the diamond could have bounced. Just work slowly and methodically out from where the diamond fell without ruling out any possibilities.
• Double check your purse. This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it is incredible how a diamond can hide in the folds and seams inside a purse. Carefully pull out every item over a clean, flat table, and then check every nook and crevice inside the empty purse.
• Use a flashlight. Why do we love diamonds so much? Well, for one thing, they sparkle! Turn off all of the lights (or wait till night time if you’re looking outside), and get out your brightest, tight beam flashlight. Set the flashlight on or close to the floor and slowly sweep it around the area looking for anything that sparkles.
• Sweep the floor. This is another one that works best on hard floors. I have scoured a section of floor looking for a gemstone I know is there only to come up empty. After sweeping that same section of floor, I will often find the gem in the pile of dust I collected. The key is to sweep slowly with long smooth strokes and to collect all of the dust in a central location. It’s hard to believe, but this simple technique actually works really well, especially for smaller diamonds and gems.
We hope this helps you find your missing diamond, and if you have any useful tips of your own, please leave a comment here so we can all learn from your experience. Always remember to bring your engagement ring in for regular checkups. Keeping your diamond secure and tight in its setting is the best way to avoid having to look for it in the future.
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