Making Your 2018 Fitness Plan

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Recreation & Fitness

 Want to make 2018 the year you really go for your fitness and self-care goals? Then make Total Woman Gym + Spa your go-to destination. Total Woman is a unique space that’s dedicated to improving women’s well-being, inside and out. From group classes to our full-service spa to personal training, we’ve got you covered from head to toe in the New Year.
Now that you know where to go, it’s time to focus on your fitness plan, both at the gym and at home.
Boost and Endurance
Building strength and endurance is critical to a balanced fitness plan—and mental resolve and perseverance is just as important as physical fortitude. Start your workouts slow and increase gradually, elevating your goals as you go, while remaining patient and consistent.
Need help staying disciplined? Let one of our NCCA-Accredited personal trainers design a fitness plan to step up your strength and stamina.
Create Healthy Habits
Achieving total health and well-being extends beyond the walls of the gym. In fact, 80% of most fitness goals start in the kitchen. Feed your body with whole foods as much as possible, balancing each meal with a healthy selection of vegetables, proteins and fats, and minimizing sugars and starches. And don’t forget to hydrate properly, as the body often mistakes its need for water as hunger. The best way to stay on track is to plan ahead: shop and prep on Sunday so your wholesome meals are ready to fuel you up each day.
Relax and Renew
Sometimes you have to remind yourself to take a breather. Self-care rejuvenates the body and soul, so you feel refreshed and ready to take on life’s responsibilities (work, your partner, the kids…the list goes on). Whether you find respite taking a yoga class, unwinding in the sauna or indulging in a massage, Total Woman Gym + Spa is the perfect escape from life’s daily stresses.
Schedule Me Time
Fitness and self-care are just as important as any other appointments—so schedule regular me-time in your calendar and stick to it. Total Woman Gym + Spa offers flexible hours, and even provides childcare for busy moms. We know time is hard to come by, but making your health and fitness a priority gives you more energy for everything else.
Whether you want to build strength and endurance, revamp your eating habits, or just ensure that you fit in some time for exercise and self-care each week, Total Woman Gym + Spa is here for you to make sure 2018 is the best year ever!
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