MEND Cryotherapy Customer Spotlight: Jessie Coleman Troost Cryo Facials & Whole Body Cryotherapy Providing Instant Relief

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Recreation & Fitness

 Q: Describe your journey (history, work, sports, pain, injuries or ailments) that led to your discovery of MEND Cryotherapy?
A: After two pregnancies and years of carrying a baby on my hip, my back pain became more severe and frequent. Recently my back went out so severely, I was unable to stand up straight. I hobbled into MEND bent partially over at the waist. After only one session of full body cryotherapy, I was able to stand up and walk with normal posture. The pain was not completely cured in one session, but each subsequent session brought me more relief until I was pain free. After that I was hooked.
Cryo has not only saved me from back pain either. When I had a terrible skin reaction to some over-the-counter facial cleanser, I called MEND right away. My whole face had swollen and broken out with red welts. It was heinous — we are talking about my face here! Not only was it unsightly, it was painful too! I didn’t want to leave the house. I remember going into MEND hollering at the staff to look away from my face as I hurried into Kendra’s esthetician room. It was a miracle! After only one session, the swelling and redness on my cheeks started to dissipate, and so did the pain. After three sessions, my skin was almost back to normal. What a relief! There is no way I would have healed in three days without the help of cryo.
Q: How did you hear about MEND Cryotherapy?
A: I first heard about MEND from friends. And later, my chiropractor recommended I start cryotherapy in conjunction with my regular chiropractic adjustments.
Q: What was your first experience at MEND like?
A: Exhilarating! I think a lot of us have the misconception that cryotherapy is going to hurt. IT DOES NOT HURT. After 3 minutes, my whole body felt like it was revitalized. I was energized, and I looked forward to coming back for another session.
Q: How has Cryotherapy affected your life?
A: Well, my back doesn’t hurt all day like it used to. I still have flare-ups here and there, but I know relief will come sooner with cryo.
Now I see Kendra for monthly facials and quick chill cryotherapy, and I wasn’t kidding when I told her that seeing her was the best thing I do for myself.
MEND Cryotherapy is Santa Clarita’s premier whole body cryotherapy center. The goal of MEND is to improve the quality of life of every customer who walks through the doors. You’ll be treated to a VIP experience in a spa-like setting that is comfortable and relaxing. MEND also provides compression therapy, cryo facials, local cryotherapy, infrared sauna and an aromatherapy oxygen bar and now offers LED Light therapy as well.
Discover all the benefits of cryotherapy! Contact MEND Cryotherapy and try it for yourself! Call 661-294-7898 to find out more today. Walk-ins welcome!


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