Selecting the Perfect Christmas Tree

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Home & Garden

 With Christmas approaching, it is time to select a holiday tree. The first decision is to choose between a living tree or a cut tree.  Listed below are several tips to help in that decision.
When considering a living tree, take into consideration the ultimate size of the tree once planted in the garden.  Many evergreen trees will eventually outgrow the space allotted.   If you have the room for a pine tree, or if you can donate it to a park, then a live tree will work well for you.
If a cut tree is your preference, consider the following.  Recently cut trees will last longer than trees that have been kept in cold storage.   Buy your trees from reputable companies that have been selling trees for many years.  Some Christmas tree retailers will contract with tree farms that grow the trees specifically for them.
There are several species of cut trees available in our area.  The Nobel Fir is one of the most popular, and certainly one of the nicest looking trees.  Douglas fir is an attractive and relatively inexpensive tree.  Another tree available is the Grand Fir.  The Grand Fir is one of the most fragrant of the cut Christmas trees.  It will make the whole house smell like Christmas.  The Grand Fir foliage is glossy, dark green, and it seems to hold up as well as the Nobel Fir.
After purchasing a cut Christmas tree, it is necessary to make a fresh cut to the base of the tree just prior to placing it in water.  Remove about ½ inch off the bottom of the stump, and immediately place the tree into a stand filled with water, and use a tree preservative in the water.  Refrain from placing the tree near a sunny window or heating vent.  Following these few simple steps will help to keep the tree fresh for as long as possible.  Never place a Christmas tree near the fireplace or burning candles.
After Christmas, the city of Santa Clarita has a tree disposal program.  After the tree is picked up, it will be recycled into garden mulch.
You should now be well prepared to tackle the crowd at the tree lot.  Bring your gloves, a tape measure, and good luck!
For additional information, consult the experts at Green Thumb Garden Center, 23734 Newhall Ave., Old Town Newhall.




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