Three Secrets to Losing Weight Over the Holidays

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Recreation & Fitness

Research suggests that the average person only gains a couple of pounds over the holidays. So why worry? Because the bad news is that research also shows that the average person never loses those couple of pounds. In fact, on average, most people gain 1-2 pounds a year over their lifetime, and guess what, the holidays may be to blame. Research also shows that if you have recently lost weight, or are overweight, it will be more difficult for you to maintain over the holidays and you may gain five pounds or more!

I always say, “It isn’t what you eat between Christmas and New Year’s, it’s what you eat between New Year’s and Christmas!” However, if you don’t have a strategy, a plan, this quote may not hold true.
Better yet, while most people are gaining, why not come up with a strategy to LOSE 1-2 pounds of fat over the holidays?
Strategize what your plan is going to be and then set yourself up for success with these three secrets:
1. Most important this time of year, DO NOT skip your workouts! People who stay consistent with their exercise regimen are much more likely to maintain or lose weight over the holidays. Set a goal of working out twice a week!
2. Throughout this holiday season – THINK AHEAD! Which splurges should you absolutely plan on enjoying over the next couple of weeks? Get out your calendar and write them down. In order to lose 1-2 pounds over the holidays, your food choices need to be healthy 90% of the time. You really can enjoy all of the foods that you love, and every experience you want to have – everything about the holidays, and not completely blow it. Planning ahead and having a strategy is key. Plan now to splurge when you will enjoy it the most, and the rest of the time eat foods that will fuel your body and give you energy and vitality – lean protein, fruits, and veggies. Enjoy the holidays AND enjoy your splurges guilt-free!
3. Be aware of black & white thinking, on or off, good or bad – maybe this sounds familiar, “I may as well not even try now and just start in January.” DON’T DO THIS! You’ll be sorry when you have an extra 1-5 pounds to drop in January. Instead, plan ahead by using the above strategies and come out of the holidays looking and feeling fabulous at your New Year’s Eve party!
Let the experts at Results help you strategize for the holidays. Results Fitness is located at 24420 Walnut Street (corner of Lyons Ave. & Walnut St.) in Newhall. For more information or to schedule your FREE strategy session go to or call 661-799-7900.





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