Tooth Avulsion

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Medical

Tooth avulsion is the medical term used to describe the complete traumatic displacement of an intact tooth from the socket.  This typically happens in sports related accidents, or during a physical altercation.  It is sometimes possible to replant the avulsed permanent tooth, to stabilize it and regain tooth function.  There are several factors that may increase the chances of successful tooth replantation.
The most important aspect of a successful tooth replantation is the viability of the cells covering the root surfaces. Immediately after the trauma, if the tooth did not fall onto a dirty surface, or if it remained in the mouth, the tooth should be placed into the socket and you should seek a dentist or an oral surgeon immediately.  If the root surface is contaminated, or immediate replantation is not possible, the tooth should be placed in a transport medium.  The best transport medium is Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution which mimics the optimal environment for the cells to survive.  If this solution is not readily available, then the next best storage medium is milk.  If milk is not available, you can keep the tooth inside the mouth or in a moist towel.  The time delay prior to replantation, stage of root development and viability of the cells, all play an important role in the success of replantation.
Once at Heritage Oral Surgery Centers, the doctors can evaluate the mouth for any other injuries and if necessary stabilize the tooth using a splint.  The tooth may require additional treatment such as a root canal. Following these simple guidelines will provide for the best possible outcome.  In certain instances when replantation is not possible, the area may be surgically optimized using a bone graft in preparation for future treatment with a dental implant.
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