Why California Flyers?

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Kids Activities

What sets the California Flyers program apart from other all star cheer programs?
To answer this question is simple but to get there, we need a few more questions. For example, what makes one program better than another? How can you compare them? Do you compare them by numbers of students, their win record, or their competition schedule? If schedules are different, are the competitions different? What are the best competitions? To be honest, all of these questions have validity with any cheer program, but do not get tricked. There is really only one answer. Pure and simple, the coaching is what separates programs making one better than another, which leads to the next logical question: How do you measure or compare a program’s coaching?
To begin, you must understand what a real coach is. Successful coaching begins with three important concepts—communication, trust and respect. But to truly succeed as a coach, you must inspire participation while facilitating growth. You must recognize and identify your student’s abilities and struggles in order to nurture the former and overcome the later.
A true coach places the team above all else while actively fighting for their athletes to improve. Real coaches recognize the true potential of their students. Moreover, those coaches maximize that potential by teaching to push past an athlete’s preconceived limit. Old limits are passed. New goals are set, and the cycle continues. Let us be clear, coaching is not about the wins. While good coaches do win, many programs mask their record by “leveling-down” their athletes. Anyone can compete a team in an easier, less challenging level just to register potentially meaningless victories. It’s easier for the “coach” and on the team. The problem is that “leveling-down” the team suppresses their athletic potential.
For an entire season, every team member becomes restrained. Similarly, some programs crossover their higher level members to lower level teams. For example, a level 4 athlete would compete on a level 4, a level 2, and a level 1 team. While it may bring more skills to lower leveled team, this practice also stifles the growth and development of its members. Basically, the more advanced student is taking another team member’s position. The more difficult position is now closed to the true-leveled competitor effectively removing that member’s chance for further growth and development.
Any program or coach that sacrifices the development of its athletes in order to convey the belief of success is not a well-coached program. This type of program is concerned with its own success and not yours. Another way programs hide their coaching to manufacture wins is by choosing a “competition” schedule that has no competition. Many different companies host cheerleading competitions.
For more information go to www.californiaflyers.org


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