Your Most Alluring Shape Has Never Been Easier

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Medical

 Have you heard about the latest advancements in liposculpture?
When we talk about weight loss and body image, the focus naturally falls on numbers: pounds, calories, inches. What if we told you the numbers don’t really matter?
One weight or set of measurements is going to look different on everyone because no one carries fat or muscle in quite the same way. We each have different proportions – a long waist, petite hips, broad shoulders, strong thighs. But do you ever wonder why someone who may weigh more or has “a thicker build” still looks thinner, sleeker or sexier? Here’s the secret: The difference is shape.
Beauty is not in the numbers; it’s in the mirror. So take a look. How do you want to enhance your shape – the one that’s perfectly meant for you?
Thanks to the evolution of medicine and technology, liposuction is no longer your mother’s fat removal surgery. As sexy and sleek as the results themselves, liposuction ranges from basic fat removal to precision body contouring to state-of-the-art fat grafting – allowing plastic surgeons to affect change with the precision of a “photo airbrushed” look that lasts.
“There are many variations of liposuction today, which allows practiced plastic surgeons to create a wide range of results for their patients – from the subtle to the extreme,” said Dr. Justin Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery on Valencia Boulevard. “Even as treatments diversify, the downtime decreases, and the safety is unmatched.”
Today, liposuction is completed through an incision the size of a pencil head, and the procedure doesn’t disturb blood vessels or nerves, allowing for light downtime and optimum safety.
“You’re up and walking in the same day,” Dr. Heller said, “and generally, you can return to light exercise in a week.”
An extremely popular variation, liposculpture focuses on contouring the body to create a desired shape. Surpassing the mere goal of weight loss, it instead works to carve out and define certain areas of the body, much like an artist would whittle down a sculpture.
“By removing and smoothing the fat underneath the skin, we can decide where the lines of the body fall – and ensure they fall gracefully,” Dr. Heller said.
Patients often choose liposculpture as the final step to achieving prefect definition – the finishing touches on a work of art that lasts.
“Sometimes you just can’t get that last pocket of fat to budge, or those stubborn lines to appear,” Dr. Heller said. “We can go in and sculpt six-pack abs.”
And patients are loving the results.
“I have moved to liposculpture and body contouring for about 80 percent of my liposuction patients,” Dr. Heller said.
For those with trouble spots, site-specific treatments are quick, easy and a dream come true. A Brazilian butt lift, for example, creates that flawless, bouncy shape every woman desires but genetics deny her. Focusing on the shape, Dr. Heller can change the whole silhouette of a patient with one targeted session.
Are you looking for significant anti-aging results with the natural look of an artistic, sculpted approach – yet minimal treatment time? Submental liposculpture, or contouring below the chin, addresses an area that traditionally offers limited improvements.
“Submental liposculpture offers a real bang for your buck,” Dr. Heller said. “One small incision and minimal downtime gives you full facial rejuvenation without the swelling or frozen face.”
If facial rejuvenation is your goal, the latest development on the spectrum of liposuction treatments is fat grafting. By removing fat from problem areas, Dr. Heller can then add it to areas, typically in the face, that need plumping, lifting and firming.
“Using a specialized technique, we remove fat in way that preserves the life of the cells, ensuring a youthful appearance and effortlessly sexy shape long after your body may have held onto it naturally.”
Dr. Heller is a graduate of the prestigious Yale School of Medicine and completed his plastic surgery training at what is considered by most to be the premier aesthetic surgery program in the country, UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas.
To schedule your consultation with Dr. Justin Heller, please visit or call 661-233-4949.


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