Getting Fit Results – Hear our readers’ success story!

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Community

Being able to dedicate time and energy into transforming your lifestyle is a hard thing to do. Many of us think about it and plan toward without actually taking the necessary steps and sticking to them. It takes consistent dedication, perseverance and strength of will over an extended period of time to truly see results. After receiving the results from our Before and After Fitness Photo Contest, we were inspired by our readers’ stories and wanted to share their success. Congratulations to our readers!
Andrew Rangel works out with James O’Rourke of Survival of the Fittest Health & Wellness and he lost over 80lbs in 9 months.
James is very proud of his accomplishments. Looking to achieve a weight loss goal contact James O’Rourke today at 661-713-7576.
To participate in our Favorite Winter Photo Contest, please email your submissions to by January 31. The winners will be published in the January issue of The Magazine of Santa Clarita. 




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