Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce – Handing Over the Gavel in 2018

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Community

 The third largest City in LA County and one of the most business friendly cities in the country deserves a strong Chamber of Commerce.
Over the last year, the SCV Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of 2017 Chairman John Musella, took the organization on an impressive rebuilding effort. Musella is credited with making the organization 100% debt free, relocating the operations to a new, modern office space with all new technology and computers and with developing an impressive strategic plan for 2018 and beyond.
Taking the helm from Musella in January will be Troy Hooper, General Manager for TPC Valencia. Hooper is a member of the Chamber’s Executive Committee and is well connected to local businesses via various networking groups throughout Santa Clarita Valley.
“This year is going to be a banner year for the Chamber,” said Musella. “I said when we started at the beginning of 2017 that we were going to build a bigger, better, stronger Chamber. We did!”
Incoming Chairman, Troy Hooper said, “It’s an exciting time to be involved with the Chamber. We’re not only the voice of business in the Santa Clarita Valley, but we’re the heart of networking and information vital for businesses to succeed. Our network of small, medium and large businesses puts the Chamber in a unique position to provide important business services for our members.
In 2018, the Chamber will launch several new programs as well as refresh some popular regular programs with a strong focus on member services.
In February we’ll launch our inaugural “Current Affairs Forum” which will feature the President & CEO of the California Chamber of Commerce who will give our members an update on what’s happening in Sacramento in 2018. The Current Affairs Forum will be a bi-annual forum to keep our members up-to-date on legislative issues directly effecting local businesses.
Also beginning in 2018 will be a new small business effort called, “Retail Walks.” Chamber leadership will be joined by local elected officials as they visit different retail locations throughout the entire Santa Clarita Valley to personally meet with business owners about important issues facing small businesses.
The Chamber will also be stepping up its advocacy efforts in 2018 with getting Chamber members directly in front of State, County and City officials on specific topics.
“The SCV Chamber is the voice of business,” said Musella. “In 2018, we’re going to step up our game with strategic efforts.”
Beginning in April, the Chamber will begin a quarterly business lunch program which will directly focus on timely and important issues facing our business community.
The Chamber’s monthly Good Morning SCV Breakfasts will continue to have timely featured speakers, but will also feature “speed networking” which will better connect local business owners in the SCV. Each month, there will be a different networking experience to help business owners meet new people each month.
While Hooper becomes Chairman of the Board, Musella will remain instrumental with the organization as his public relations firm has been retained to continue the management of the Chamber until a full-time Executive Director can be hired by mid to late 2018.
“John and his team were instrumental in turning the Chamber around in 2017 and having their continued involvement will be good for continuity of the organization and implementing much of what we’ve started,” said Hooper.
The Chamber’s Annual Awards and Installation Gala will be held on Friday, January 26, 2018 at TPC Valencia with the theme, “A Bright Future for the Santa Clarita Valley.” For information on sponsorships and ticket sales, please visit
For information on membership, please visit or call (661) 702.6977.




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