Tell Me Something Good – January 2018

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Community

 The first of the year brings new adventures, new opportunities and new beginnings for us all. How are you starting out the new year? As I search for the good around town, I am always grateful and happy for the fact that we live in one of the most supportive cities in southern California. It’s inspiring to see so many of our residents get out there to help others, and donate their time to help rebuild what so many people lost in the recent wildfires that struck Ventura, Santa Clarita and Sun Valley. After yet another month of tragic weather-related news, I am happy to share some of the following good with our readers.
It was a little while back, but good news to share none the less… Three months ago, 15 junior high and high school campuses in Santa Clarita hosted a “toiletries” drive as part of their annual DFY in SCV community campaign.  DFY in SCV members encouraged their peers to donate toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap and many more hygiene items. In total, 2,850 toiletries were collected and donated to Bridge to Home Homeless Shelter, Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita and Single Mothers Outreach. For more information on the DFY in SCV program, contact Community Services at 661-250-3708 or visit
Our next entry comes from one of our very own, Dianne Walker. Dianne is a lovely resident who helps with our production process and always provides cute and fun stories about her adorable grandbabies. Diane recently made our November Holiday Recipe with the family and shares a few words below:
“Looking forward to a holiday visit and dinner with our Chicago family, I knew just where to go for the dessert choice. The December issue of The Magazine of Santa Clarita included a “Holiday Recipes with a Twist” featuring apples, pie filling and crust!
I upped the apple count to 12. Lots of apples to get ready. Dinner was over, time was passing and I almost gave up on trying to make this happen.
I decided to get everyone involved! We enacted the “Family Baking Show” and I had my audience prepare the apples. Meanwhile, me and my grandkids/elf helpers prepared the apple filling, cut the dough strips and wove the tops.
The baking reality show kept everyone laughing and it was so fun. Apples went in the oven, we opened presents and then enjoyed dessert with a touch of ice cream!
It seems that whenever you least expect it; the best things happen!”
We at The Magazine want to send our congratulations out to the students, teachers and administrators at Charles Helmers Elementary School. At the November 28 council meeting, Charles Helmers Elementary School was announced as the grand prize winner of the City’s 30 Things for 30 Years contest. This creativity driven contest gave elementary school students the chance to reflect on their favorite things about our City and submit a unique entry for a chance to win a party on the official City birthdate!
Students were asked to come up with whatever representation of 30 things they wanted, in honor of the City’s big day. Nearly two dozen entries were received and showcased the creativity, gratitude, generosity and kindness of the students. The students opted to do everything from 30 acts of kindness to 30 jumping jacks. They drew pictures of their 30 favorite places in the City and even learned how to say Happy Birthday to Santa Clarita in 30 different languages.
City staff selected Charles Helmers as the winning school because of the amount of student involvement and what they were able to give back to our Santa Clarita community. Their submission was a week of giving, during which they gave a variety of different items to 30 different charities and organizations in the City. Some of the items they collected and distributed included stuffed animals for children at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital and pet supplies for our local animal shelters.
My last bit of news comes straight from the heart and shows the kindness of our Santa Clarita Valley Family! Shared with permission is a Facebook posting from Diana Kadi Dine to our local Santa Clarita Community group:
“Upon first seeing this note, not having read it yet, I assumed someone hit my car and left a note to let me know. However, after reading it, this person restored my faith in humanity. Thank you so much for being a kind human being and closing my trunk for me, there were shopping bags in there that could have easily gotten taken. I usually don’t post, but this was worthy of acknowledgement.”
The post was met with comments of thanks and joy that there are still kind individuals in the world, and it even made its way to the actual person who closed Diana’s trunk for her, local resident Valerie Av. Valerie explained how she used the act of kindness to instill the habit of caring for your community to her son. Kudos to you Valerie, we appreciate you!




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