A Thrift Shop First Timer

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Community

My first time in a thrift shop happened when I became an Assistance League member. Really, there had been no reason to seek out a thrift shop in my neighborhood. After all, I had a good job and I could afford Nordstrom’s prices. Well, actually I could afford my Nordstrom’s monthly bill as long as I didn’t go too often!
As a member of Assistance League Santa Clarita, the organization whose main focus is supporting students and families in our community, I volunteer at our main fundraiser; the resale shop on Main Street in Newhall. The first time I stepped through the door, I swear it was love at first sight! I was totally hooked! There were so many, way too cute things, in all the departments. My favorite department is housewares. On day one I made my first purchase and started my collection of antique treasures.
Let me give you a tour of my home. First, let’s start with the entryway where I have fresh flowers in a cut crystal vase–from our resale shop! Did you see that coming? I bet you did! Okay, let’s talk about the teapot collection in my dining room. Want designer labels? How about vintage Limoges and Bombay Trading Company? Yes, I’m still a gal who is all about the labels!
Shall I continue to brag? How about the Tiffany lamp above my piano or the pedestal serving plates when I entertain? Yes, all of those items are from the Assistance League Resale shop on Main Street. So now, I have all these beautiful treasures and I didn’t have to take out a loan to finance any of them!
If you are like me, thinking that you don’t need to shop at a thrift store, you probably don’t need to. What I mean is, you want to! There are so many great treasures waiting for you to discover. I haven’t even shared about my farmhouse kitchen. It’s Pinterest-worthy and totally furnished from our shop!
Have I convinced you to have your first time experience in a thrift shop? Go ahead, I bet you will be glad you did!
For more information about the Assistance League Resale Shop call 661-255-1991 or stop by at 24364 Main Street, Newhall.



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