Friday, December 19, 2014

Congestion, Swelling and Pain of the Eye

Congestion, swelling and pain of the eye is an acute condition in various external eye disorders.  This condition is mostly due to exogenous pathogenic wind heat causing obstruction of qi circulation in the meridian, or due to preponderance of fire in liver and gallbladder which flares up along the related meridians, causing qi stagnation and blood stasis in the meridians.
Main manifestation: Congestion, swelling and pain of the eye, photophobia, lacrimation and sticky discharge.  In the case of wind heat, there occurs fever, superficial and rapid pulse.  In the case of preponderance of fire in the liver and gallbladder, there are the symptoms of bitter taste in the mouth, irritability with feverish sensation, constipation and string-taut pulse.
Analysis: When the pathogenic wind heat attacks the eye, photophobia, lacrimation and sticky discharge take place.  Headache, fever and superficial-rapid pulse are also signs of exogenous attack of the pathogenic wind heat.  The liver has its specific body opening in the eyes, and the Gallbladder Meridian starts at the outer canthus.  Upward disturbance of fire in the liver and gallbladder may bring about congestion, swelling and pain of the eyes, bitter taste in the mouth, and irritability.  String-taut pulse is a sign of the liver trouble.
This condition is involved in acute conjunctivitis, pseudomembranous conjunctivitis, epidemic kerato-conjunctivitis, etc., in modern medicine.  Congestion, swelling and pain of the eye can be treated with acupuncture and herbs.
For more information, please call Dr. Jeon with Jun’s Acupuncture Clinic at 661-799-7369.

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