Educate, Motivate and Empower

Founded in 2007 by clinical directors Danielle Sheehy and Jody Stiegemeyer, Behavioral Learning Center, Inc. provides behavior analytic services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and related conditions.  Intervention is provided to our clients...

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SCCS Adds New Campus Pastor, Wiley Kennedy

 Santa Clarita School is excited to announce Wiley Kennedy as the new Campus Pastor. Kennedy will assume the traditional role of the Dean of Men, but will also be focusing on the spiritual health of the school. “As a ministry of Santa Clarita Baptist Church, SCCS’...

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Christian Education – Can You Afford Not To?

In a recent poll conducted by the American Family News Network, a Christian news service, people were asked the following question – “What’s the primary reason most Christian parents send their children to secular public schools instead of opting for private or home...

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The Peace Enhancement Program At The Gentle Barn

 As our Peace Enhancement Program’s 2016/2017 season comes to a close I am reflecting on the kids who have come and gone this year and those who have stuck through the entire program. The younger kids from South Central Los Angeles who come with the LAPD visit us all...

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Is Your Teen Getting Enough Sleep?

 According to the National Sleep Foundation, sufficient sleep is so important for teenagers’ academic success that more and more schools are implementing later start times. In general, teens need between 8-10 hours of sleep per night, but due...

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The Magazine of Santa Clarita has set a high standard for excellence in advertising for over 25 years. A family owned and operated business, The Magazine of Santa Clarita has grown with the Santa Clarita Valley since 1989 and become the #1 place to advertise locally.

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