The Story of Hanukkah

 Walking through the streets of the ancient city of Jerusalem, one might wonder why its name means “The City of Peace.” Ironically, Jerusalem has been the most fought-over city in the world over the last two thousand years. Every stone there has a long story to tell....

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Trinity Offers College Credit for Courses

 Trinity Classical Academy now offers their junior and senior students the opportunity to participate in its Dual College Credit Program and earn high school and college credits simultaneously for 22 of their existing Honors and AP Classes. The college credits Trinity...

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Exercising for Brain Health

Is your child suffering from anxiety or depression? Or having trouble concentrating or managing their emotions? Therapy, along with regular exercise, can help to improve our mind and body. There are many studies that back up the benefits of exercise on our physical...

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Preschool Without Screen Time

 Preschool is the foundation to big school and life-long social skills for your little one. Playing with toys and pretending amongst peers is so important. We want to give children the tools to speak and communicate to one another, apply teamwork when playing a game...

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