The Power of Choice

In any one preschool day, there is the option of telling a child no many times over, regardless of how well-planned, safe and contained the program. A better option for both teacher and children is to give children the power of choice. Giving choices gives the child...

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Kindergarten Success

 Kindergarten Roundup is this month in SCV. Do you know what is expected when your child starts Kindergarten? At this time, of the year many parents wonder, “Is my child ready to enter the world of Elementary School?” If your child has been given the opportunity to...

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Educate, Motivate and Empower

Founded in 2007 by clinical directors Danielle Sheehy and Jody Stiegemeyer, Behavioral Learning Center, Inc. provides behavior analytic services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and related conditions.  Intervention is provided to our clients...

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Time Marches On

 March brings thoughts of spring and renewal and first thoughts of summer time filter into our minds. But if you have a preschool age child, what do you plan for the summer months? Surely, he/she needs more stimulation than being caged up in the house day after hot...

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