Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters

 Is your young child a picky eater? If so, you aren’t alone. At this age, children are trying to be more independent which may result in them asserting themselves more and refusing to eat certain foods or not at all. Rest assured this is a normal part of your child’s...

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Classical Education: Rigor Provides Results

Those who assume that education methods used for millennia can be dismissed within a generation forget that time is the best laboratory, especially regarding human behavior. It has taken modern educators around 150 years to disassemble an educational system that took...

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Homeschooling Your Children

The reasons for homeschooling are as diverse as the families who choose this option. The ultimate goal remains the same – to provide an outstanding education that meets the needs of each individual child. Saugus Union School District shares this goal. Most Santa...

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The Coming of Age of Dual Enrollment

With escalating college tuition, today’s families are looking for ways to cut costs. Due to this increasing demand, more and more colleges are offering the ability for high school students to take college level courses to satisfy many general education requirements...

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