Fun for Kids

Safer Water

 Childhood drowning is preventable.  Supervision is vital, but barriers and alarms guard the water even when you’re not there. 1. Fences.  Nothing could be simpler.  You can opt for a permanent, wrought iron masterpiece or the flexibility of a removable fence. ...

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Summer Youth Empowerment Group

 Starting Monday, July 3 The DVC Youth Specialist’s will be hosting a fun and educational Youth Group. These groups are free for teens 13+ to attend, and will continue for four Monday nights at Savia in Newhall (23780 Newhall Avenue).  The groups begin at 5:30p.m. and...

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Horseback Riding

 All Horseback riding, Horse Rentals, Horse Leases, Adventure Rides, Sunset Rides, Lunch Rides and Dinner Rides are by reservation only so please call ahead to schedule your trail rides. Riders must be 7 years of age to go on trail, and not greater than 250 pounds....

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Come Meet Whisper At the Gentle Barn

 Whisper turned 21 this month!  She has one of the most horrific stories of abuse and one of the most powerful stories of recovery in Gentle Barn history.  She was originally a trail horse, but was given to a rancher who used her to round up cows.  Whisper had never...

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The Magic of Water for Babies and their Daddies

 We all know that babies need stimulation, but too much stimulation can be very harmful in several ways.  Babies easily suffer from sensory overload, including what they see, hear, and feel.  They react by crying.  Much of what we experience in our daily lives would...

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Welch’s® Fruit Rolls

 Unroll the fun with the new Welch’s® Fruit Rolls. Welch’s® Fruit Rolls provide the same quality consumers love in Welch’s® Fruit Snacks, in a new and exciting way to enjoy! Featuring fruit as their first ingredient, Welch’s® Fruit Rolls contain 100 percent of the...

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My Summer Camp Memories

Summer is almost here and it has me reminiscing about so many summers that have passed. Being a new mom and thinking of all the fun activities I can do with my son this year, I realized just how incredibly fortunate I was to be able to spend all of my summers at the...

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Surf’s Up: Are You Ready to Learn To Surf?

 I am guessing that many of you Santa Clarita adults raising you families have gone through many of the life changes that I have. I can actually remember when I used to have hobbies, free time, and “my time.” With marriage and kids, my priorities changed radically. My...

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