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How I Met Your Swim Instructor

 Who teaches your child to swim is often as important as where he takes lessons.  For many kids, it’s their first experience with a teacher.  Of course, you want someone with lots of training, who is Lifeguard/First Aid/CPR certified, but you also want someone who...

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Surfing: Sport of Kings and of SCV Residents?

 Every other surfer had caught a wave in or was still paddling back out and the line-up was now empty. The swell of water that approached me with its promise of hitting the shallower sandbar and evolving into a wave that would peel to the right, sent a rush of...

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Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

 Self-confidence and self-esteem are traits any parent, coach and mentor would want for their children, athletes and students.  But, do we focus enough on the impact we have on confidence and esteem?  Do we know the extent of our impact on the confidence of those we...

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