Fun for Kids

Prayer is Powerful

 Years ago, God put it on our heart to build a home in Los Angeles to take in domestic victims of child trafficking. Fast forward to now, that dream is coming true. ZOE International is a nonprofit organization located in Santa Clarita that cares for orphans and...

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Love at The Gentle Barn

 Valentine’s Day is for lovers, friends, couples, and family. It’s a time to show appreciation for the ones we love, and spend time on romance. And it’s no different in our barnyard! Many people don’t know this, but animals fall in love like we do, date and mate for...

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Winter Swimming for Healthier Kids

 Winter is here! If life were a greeting card commercial, we’d all be planning trips to the snow where the kids go sledding and have snowball fights. In reality, most parents are stocking up on Children’s Tylenol, researching humidifiers and praying the baby doesn’t...

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New Year Resolutions

At The Gentle Barn we don’t look back, we lean forward. When we rescue animals from severe abuse and neglect, we don’t dwell in their stories or their pain, but pull them forward bit by bit to the love, respect, and wonderful life we have waiting for them. When we...

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End of the Year Giving at the Gentle Barn

 The Gentle Barn rescues severely abused and neglected animals, rehabilitates them, and then unites them with children with the same stories. Both kids and animals get to find restored hope, joy, and unconditional love in the barnyard. The miracles that we get to...

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Swimming…A Gift for Life!

I remember my first swimming lessons. My sister taught me how to swim in our neighbor’s backyard pool. I started by pushing off the steps into her waiting arms, then I graduated to swimming between her and her friend. It was a little scary, but it was also thrilling...

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Why California Flyers?

What sets the California Flyers program apart from other all star cheer programs? To answer this question is simple but to get there, we need a few more questions. For example, what makes one program better than another? How can you compare them? Do you compare them...

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