Pet Services

Lumps and Bumps

Most pets get “lumps and bumps” on or under the skin in many sizes and textures. These can be benign skin tags or cebaceous adenomas, cysts and lipomas (benign fatty tumors), but can also be malignant skin or subcutaneous tumors arising from deeper tissues. These...

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What is Giardia?

 I had an interesting appointment recently. A new client came in with an adorable puppy, but the puppy had a history of soft stools progressing to diarrhea. “She was diagnosed with Ghirardelli,” the new owner told me. I am a sucker for dark chocolate Ghirardelli,...

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Battling Allergies in Pets

Skin allergies are one of the most common problems we veterinarians see on a daily basis.  It can be a very frustrating problem for the doctor, the owner and the pet.  Signs of skin allergies can include itchiness, dry flaky skin, chewing at the feet, ear infections...

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In golden Southern California, there is nothing like going outside with your dog once spring and summer set in. I recently hiked Towsley canyon with my children enjoying the hillsides covered with lupines and golden poppies. But another plant I saw everywhere along...

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St. Bonnie Sanctuary Adoptions

 St. Bonnies Sanctuary saves animals in danger of being euthanized at city and country shelters. We are devoted to finding loving, lifetime homes for every rescued pet and place a high emphasis on matching the right animal with the right family to ensure a fulfilling...

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Brachycephalic Syndrome

 This particular problem occurs in what is known as “brachycephalic” dog breeds; that is, those breeds with very short faces, with almost no snout. These breeds include: Chihuahua, Bulldog, King Charles Spaniel, Pug, Boston terrier, Maltese, Pekinese, ShihTzu, and...

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Summer Hazards

 Hooray for Summer! Summer is my favorite time of year, but it comes with a few hazards to think about with our pets. I’ve compiled some of the most common dangers we see this time of year so you can keep your furry friends safe. 1. Heat Stress. Cats and dogs have...

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