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Dog Breeds, Energy Levels and Your Lifestyle

Dogs, just like people have their own unique personalities and energy levels. When choosing a dog for you and/or your family, understanding the history of the breed, their personality and energy level is a tremendously important factor in helping make a successful...

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Pudgy Pets

 At Copper Hill Animal Clinic, we absolutely understand how difficult it is to maintain a healthy weight in a pet who gazes up at us so beseechingly while we eat something particularly aromatic at the dinner table. How could it hurt to give one sliver of chicken, a...

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Tips When Adopting a New Pet

If you are looking to add a furry family member, please consider first searching your local shelters and rescues.  There are so many highly adoptable animals that need homes!  Here are some good tips to keep in mind when preparing for the arrival of your new friend...

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Is It Kennel Cough?

Most pet owners are familiar with the term “kennel cough” in dogs.  Specifically, kennel cough is an infectious tracheobronchitis caused primarily by bacteria called Bordetella bronchiseptica, but other microorganisms may be involved as well, including some viruses. ...

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