Pet Services

Is It Kennel Cough?

 Most pet owners are familiar with the term “kennel cough” in dogs. Specifically, kennel cough is an infectious tracheobronchitis caused primarily by bacteria called Bordetella bronchiseptica, but other microorganisms may be involved as well, including some viruses....

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What is Leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis is a bacteria found in the urine of infected wild animals. Dogs can be exposed to that infected urine by swimming or drinking from streams, creeks, and ponds. Dogs can also be infected if the bacteria enters broken skin or through the mucous membranes...

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Pets with Mammary/Breast Cancer

 Breast cancer can unfortunately occur in any mammal and can be devastating when it affects our pets. Like any cancer, mammary tumors arise from the uncontrolled growth of abnormal mammary gland cells, and our pets are built with eight to twelve mammary glands,...

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The Paunchy Pooch

 We love our pets but, unfortunately, we also love to spoil them. Excessive food intake and insufficient exercise often lead to obesity for our pets. According to estimates, over half of client-owned dogs are overweight. Dogs can develop many obesity related health...

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Vaccinating Against Kennel Cough

 There’s a new type of Kennel Cough vaccination that is actually given orally. It’s so much easier to give and it’s also more effective than the traditional injectable type of vaccination. So, what makes this vaccine so different? To answer that we have to look at how...

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