Pet Services

Halloween Hazards

 Clowns. They are creepy. They are scary. They are all the rage for Halloween spookiness. My dogs could care less. What scares them? Doorbells, unexpected visitors, fireworks. Let’s talk about some of the Halloween hazards you can avoid to make this a fun and safe...

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Orthopedic Conditions

 Many orthopedic conditions affect pets, and most can be fixed in one or more ways. It might be a simple fracture that requires internal or external fixation. The same is true of conditions affecting the joints, where damage to the cartilage may lead to osteoarthritis...

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Halloween Dangers for Pets

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween is very fun for people but can be a dangerous and scary time for our pets. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your dogs and cats safe and healthy this Halloween. Keep all candy, sweets...

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Does your Dog Suffer from Arthritis?

 Unfortunately, canine joints age just like ours do. In fact arthritis affects one of every five dogs sometime during their lifetime. Thinning of the joint cartilage can lead to joint deterioration, reduced mobility, and pain. The most common form of arthritis is...

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Reducing Stress With Your Vet Visit

We strive to make each visit with your pet as stress free as possible- both for you and your pet! Here are a few ways we try to make your visit as easy as possible: There are many triggers for your pet that can cause them stress. Everything from their carrier, the car...

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When is My Puppy Safe?

 It’s that time of year and puppies are arriving in the practice for their puppy series vaccinations.  Most puppy owners recognize the importance of puppy vaccination and the value of preventing diseases like distemper and parvovirus.  However, many new owners are...

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Ear Problems for Pets

 Is your pet constantly shaking his head or scratching his ears? Is there a nasty odor? Is his ear flap or inner ear red or inflamed? This can all be symptoms of an ear problem. Ear infections and disorders are not only bothersome and painful for your pet but can also...

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Looking for their Forever Home

 The Brittany Foundation is a non-profit humane organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of homeless dogs, has several dogs for adoption. Beau is a four-year-old male Poodle.   Elderly owners passed away leaving Beau sad.  But he perked up at Brittany...

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