Pet Services

Senior Pet Care

Our pets are living longer than ever before thanks in part to advances in veterinary care. But with their advancing age comes potential problems. Here are a few ways to help keep your senior pets as happy and healthy as possible through their “golden years”. Both dogs...

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Summer Travel Tips for a Happy Pet

It is summer time, the kids are out of school so now is the time for that much needed vacation. Some family vacations may also include bringing the family pet as well, others require our pets stay behind. Here are some tips to remember in either situation. 1. Make...

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Pet Diabetes

 Pet diabetes is a disease that is seen in dogs and cats, as well as other animals. Because of its common occurrence in humans, people are aware of some of the symptoms and treatments given, as well as some of the complications that occur. It is very important in...

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Summertime Safety

 Summer is often associated with a time for fun outdoor activity, but in Santa Clarita our extreme temperatures can often be hazardous. Always remember that unlike us, dogs are unable to sweat and they rely heavily on panting to lower their body temperature. However,...

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Lumps and Bumps

Most pets get “lumps and bumps” on or under the skin in many sizes and textures. These can be benign skin tags or cebaceous adenomas, cysts and lipomas (benign fatty tumors), but can also be malignant skin or subcutaneous tumors arising from deeper tissues. These...

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