Your Transmission

 What is a transmission, you ask... it is a fairly amazing machine and it can shift your car’s gears. It can know how fast you need to go and how quickly you need to get there. How it actually works is a mystery to most people. There are many parts within the...

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Six Important Oil Change Facts

 Do you want to extend the life of your vehicle’s engine? Skipping oil changes can lead to engine breakdown and costly repairs. Here are six important facts about oil changes. Do you own an automobile? Skipping oil changes will eventually lead to premature engine...

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Continue the Tradition

 Valencia Volvo Independent upholds the traditional Volvo philosophies of quality and safety. Whether making a normal lane change or maneuvering sharply to avoid an accident, Volvos are engineered to feel and respond the same. Valencia Volvo Independent will maintain...

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Enjoy the Summer on the Water

 Summer is the best time to treat your family to something spectacular from Santa Clarita Autosound.  Marine Audio Systems are the perfect gift for everyone to cool off this summer For further information visit Santa Clarita Auto Sound, located at 25845 Railroad Ave....

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