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Back to the Future

 Santa Clarita home sales are back at pre-recession levels. Los Angeles median home prices are back at pre-recession levels. The number of credit cards are back at pre-recession levels. Will all this confidence lead to wild abandon of pre-recession levels? In...

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When Bankruptcy is the Only Option

 When no other means of debt relief are available, filing for bankruptcy may be the only way to get out of debt for most people. The good news is that the old stigma associated with filing bankruptcy no longer really exists and most people who file bankruptcy usually...

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Introducing SnapCommercial™

Santa Clarita Web & IT has perfectly designed 15 second videos customized to your business. You can use these videos for your website or in email marketing or on any other online marketing channel. They have tons of options to choose from. Bring your social media...

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How to Find a Qualified Financial Advisor

 So here is my personal take on the questions you should ask to find your qualified Financial Advisor! 1. Do they have “Fiduciary Responsibility - are they bound by the “Prudent Person Rule?” This means every advisor should have a fiduciary responsibility to put the...

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