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Five Steps to Spring Cleaning for your Divorce

Spring is in the air.  It’s almost that time to dust away the dampness and cold and get ready for the warmth of Southern California sunshine. If you are gearing up to say, “I don’t” sometime in the next couple months, you need to be prepared. And your spring cleaning...

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Possibilities, Potentials and Opportunities

 When I think of the word possibilities, I think of all things possible in the universe for a given situation. When I think of the word potentials, I think of all that I am currently capable of, or can become capable of. When I think of the word opportunities, I think...

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Money Matters – An IRA May Be in Your Future!

 Most Americans who are not self-employed, rarely invest in an Individual Retirement Account, yet more people are winding up with these tax-sheltered retirement accounts. This is because of rollover IRA’s – those IRA’s funded from other retirement accounts, such as...

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Stuck in Debt How Bankruptcy Can Help

 Many people find themselves in the position of facing overwhelming debt, with constant calls from creditors and no obvious way out.  For some, job loss sent them into a downward spiral and they are now unable to pay their bills and meet their responsibilities.  For...

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Finding a Good Nursing Home

 One recent Sunday morning, I woke up to a text message from a coworker saying she’d been up all night with her mother in the emergency room. Her mom had fallen, broken her hip, and was getting admitted to the hospital for surgery. As you can imagine, my colleague was...

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