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Finding Solutions

 The holidays are behind us. We have set our New Year’s resolutions. We are ready to tackle 2018. We provide for our families. We work to pay for food, a roof over our heads, and medical needs. With discretionary funds left over, we make a plan, if only in our head to...

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No Choice But To File Bankruptcy?

 Are you considering bankruptcy as an option to get out of debt once and for all? A lot of people who do not understand the legal process mistakenly believe that bankruptcy means that they are ruined forever and that they will never get credit again. This is a lie...

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Year End Financial Planning

 This is a busy time of year and each of us should budget some time for year-end financial planning. Year End Financial Planning may include a number of issues including, tax planning, investment changes, employment benefit elections, gifts, and cash flow. Tax...

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