For the Love of Dining

Persia Lounge & Restaurant

 Looking for a flavor filled meal that is both unique and delicious? Well no need to look any further than the Persia Lounge and Restaurant, which offers all the food and entertainment you are looking for. Located on Main Street Newhall, this restaurant is full of...

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Dining Out with Children

 Restaurants that cater to children have become part of the American landscape, with birthday parties and children’s entertainment the stock-in-trade of some national chains. At the other end of the spectrum are the high-end restaurants with quiet, formal settings,...

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Summer at Bella Cucina

 Summer is the time to travel, but all you have to do to experience the iconic country of Italy is come on down to Bella Cucina to be treated to an authentic Italian dining experience. This family-owned and operated restaurant may have started from humble beginnings,...

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