What A Difference a Smile Makes 

Even a subtle change in your smile can make a dramatic difference in the way you look, feel and on your social outlook! Dental Veneers are an excellent cosmetic remedy for a variety of dental conditions that affect the appearance of the front teeth. Durable and...

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Painful Bunions

 A bunion is an enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe that forms when the bone or tissue at the big toe joint moves out of place.  Since this joint carries a lot of the body’s weight while walking, bunions can cause extreme pain if left untreated.  The...

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Dear Dr. Kim

Dear Dr. Kim — How do I know if I am brushing too hard? And, why does it matter how I brush or if I use a hard toothbrush? – Joan S. Dear Joan — Most people think you need to scrub off the germs and plaque. We actually don’t get a better cleaning by brushing hard and...

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Caring for Your Skin

 By living in California residents can almost be assured that the sun is a constant in most weather forecasts. Because of this skin cancer is a common reoccurrence in many residents’ lives. At Advanced Dermatology & Cosmic Care, located on Kelly Johnson Parkway,...

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