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The Nutritional Value of Eggs

 Eggs are classified as “super foods” and have been consumed as far back as 700 B.C.  Columbus is believed to have carried to the New World the first of many chickens that are now related to our egg production. Eggs are loaded with nutrients and have many health...

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Kissed by the Sun

Summer is here and we all know how important it is to apply sun block!  Sure, we look beautiful when we are kissed by the sun but, the winter comes and all of sudden we are left with a little souvenir from the summer (sun damage, fine lines, dry skin), and then we do...

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Historic West Meets The Modern Age

 Santa Clarita Valley’s historic district of Newhall has created its very own app, the Newhall Walking Tour. The app is designed to guide users through the most noteworthy and historic locales in Newhall such as the Saugus Train Station, the Walk of Western Stars, and...

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Summer is Here

 Summer is here and it’s time to explore Main Street in Downtown Newhall! Whether you are in search of something cool to wear, books for summer reading, or maybe looking for something to add excitement to your backyard barbeque, Assistance League Resale Store has...

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Santa Clarita: Setting the Scene for Famous Films

 “Santa Clarita goes back to [the days of] Charlie Chaplin, and we’ve been a hotbed of filming ever since,” says Evan Thomason, the Economic Development Associate for Film Santa Clarita. Santa Clarita has always been used as a film location, making cameos in 10 Things...

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Gastropub, What Is That?

 What is a gastropub? It is a restaurant that serves high-end beer and food.  Or think of it as a cross between a French bistro and a British pub. The term was originally coined in 1991 by an English pub in London, the Eagle that was taken over by two new owners who...

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The Magazine of Santa Clarita has set a high standard for excellence in advertising for over 25 years. A family owned and operated business, The Magazine of Santa Clarita has grown with the Santa Clarita Valley since 1989 and become the #1 place to advertise locally.

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