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Tips to Living a Healthier Longer Life

 Eat an Apple a Day – The pectin fiber in apples has been proven to reduce cholesterol in the blood and is one the best ways to remove heavy metals from your intestine. Pears and plums are also a good source of pectin fiber. Give Blood – Blood donation is beneficial...

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The Compound Effect*

Sometimes beginning the journey to greater health and wellness can be a bit overwhelming. We compare what we see in the mirror to where we want to be and immediately begin to feel discouraged before we even start. It may seem like it’s impossible to achieve your...

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Fitness that Fits into your Schedule

 We all want to be healthier – that is a fact!  I personally believe the key to achieving success can be found in a simple equation: desire + availability = opportunity.  Unfortunately, while 73 percent of people say they live a healthy lifestyle, only about three...

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Five Steps to Vitality

 When you’re on a quest to take or regain control of your physical health – whether that means losing weight, building strength, or coming back from an illness or injury – it’s easy to get caught up in what that “looks like” in the mirror, or worse yet a number on the...

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Learn to Fly with Aerial Yoga!

In the area of yoga and fitness the most exhilarating type of fitness is Aerial Silks Yoga. It’s fast becoming popular. In fact, Pink (the singer) performs in concert using silk fabric to gracefully move through their air. Aerial yoga combines acrobatic arts and...

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