Recreation & Fitness

A Family Gym for Everyone

I’m surprised there aren’t more gyms that cater to the entire family.  Many families have multiple fitness memberships.  Maybe a woman’s only gym for Mom, a “mega gym” for Dad, a sports gym for the athlete, even memberships for martial arts, gymnastics, parkour, etc....

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Scared of the Gym?

 Boo! Scared? Ghosts, goblins, and mummies… Halloween is just around the corner. The last thing you need is to be scared of the gym, too! Have you been avoiding the gym because it’s too intimidating? Maybe you don’t know what to do when you get there? Or you feel...

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My Experience with Cancer and Cryotherapy

It’s been exactly three months since I found out I had a malignant bone tumor (osteosarcoma) in my pelvis. On May 17, I went into surgery to have the tumor removed along with 50 percent of my pelvis on my right side.  The surgeon had to reattach all of my gluteus...

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Are You Getting Enough Protein?

 A question I get asked a lot is “How much protein do I need”? It’s a subject often debated in the nutrition world. Here’s my two cents… Getting enough dietary protein is extremely important when it comes to your health as well as improving your physique. So, what is...

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Drop Two Sizes Challenge

 We’ve all been there. Despite meticulous calorie counting, and countless cleanses and crash diets, the majority of women are not happy with their bodies. With her best-selling book “Drop 2 Sizes,” Women’s Health fitness expert and owner of Results Fitness, Rachel...

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