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Deals at the Action Factory Pro Store

Action Factory is starting a promotion this year to have a Brand of the Month sale.  Every month we will be choosing a different Brand to promote their products offering a discount of varying amounts.  For the month of March, Action Factory is featuring the very...

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It’s Not My Time…

 I was talking with a friend of mine about working out and what type of activities she enjoys. We were talking about bike riding, lifting weights, tennis, yoga… she was telling me how she’s pretty athletic, but she has never stayed focused on any one sport. Having two...

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Is Ignorance Bliss?

 They say, “Ignorance is bliss,” but is it really? Over the holidays, I put this maxim to the test by ignoring my own fitness road map (yes, even I do it!). I had last measured my bodyfat using the Inbody 520 in August and my body fat was at 15 percent. Undoubtedly,...

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My Vision and Passion… Yoga for Everybody!

 Yoga should be for everybody; not just the physically fit. It can be for all people; even people with back problems, shoulder weaknesses, balancing trouble, disabilities or whatever physical weakness a person has encountered in life.  Earlier this year, I attended an...

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Don’t Get Stuck with Medicare Late Fees

 This past holiday season, I found myself in line at the airport counter, waiting to check a bag prior to a flight to visit family and friends. The gentlemen in front of me got frustrated when the customer agent said he had to pay more to check a bag because he hadn’t...

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