With Your Family in Mind

Post-Divorce Health Insurance Options

Most health insurance policies in the U.S., whether employer provided, purchased directly or found through other avenues, only permit coverage for dependent spouses under certain circumstances.  Divorce often makes it impossible to continue coverage for the dependent...

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Spotting Depression in Seniors

An Invisible Epidemic We all have days in which we are sad or have thoughts of hopelessness – but for many, it goes beyond that. Depression (major depressive disorder or clinical depression) is, by definition, a medical illness characterized by a chronic sense of...

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Siblings and Autism

It is not always easy being a sibling of a child with autism. However, sibling relationships create benefits for both children and sibling bonds are special. For your child with autism, siblings are often extremely beneficial for developing social skills and...

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VA Senior Benefits and Annual Reporting

Many seniors have high medical care costs (such as Assisted Living facility charges or private caregivers), but cannot afford the care on a long-term basis. Many seniors spend their life savings on care, and lose their house when skilled nursing care is needed....

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The Role of Power in Divorce

 Power: The ability to act or produce an effect; the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.  Merriam-Webster.Com. Power is a factor in every relationship. The relationship is affected by how it is distributed,...

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