With Your Family in Mind

Quality Sleep and Alzheimer’s Prevention

Researchers have made new and important discoveries pertaining to Alzheimer’s and Dementia prevention. Numerous contributing factors have been identified, meaning that we actually have more control over the fate of our brains than previously believed. One recent...

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Divorce – Do You Need A Lawyer?

“You have to stand up for yourself when no one else will.” -Anonymous A recent article in the family court review explored the myths and truths about self-represented litigants in divorce. The author (Greacen) cited a legal white paper which claimed that...

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The Living Trust: Doing It Yourself?

So, you’ve decided that you want to do some estate planning. You know that a properly funded living trust will protect your assets from the time and expense of probate proceedings. Cost is an issue, so you’re considering the possibility of avoiding legal fees. What...

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Why is Estate Planning for Seniors So Unique?

 Over the past couple decades, there’s been a seismic shift in the estate tax landscape coupled with the fact that people are living considerably longer. Before 2010, California estate planning was almost always focused on reducing transfer taxes, among other things....

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Foster and Adoptive Families Needed

 Have you ever thought of becoming a foster parent or wanted to adopt a child in need of permanency? Koinonia Family Services is now serving the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys, and is looking for families who want to provide safe, caring, and nurturing homes...

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